Route for the Brave with David Roth and Kevin Winton – HN240

By April 10, 2016Podcast, Show

Kevin Winton and David Roth are coming together to walk across America from New Jersey to California raising money for Helping Hands for Freedom, a charity helping Military Children and Families through emotional and financial support. FInd out about the Route for the Brave and what it means for the military community.

We talk to David about what it’s like to leave his job at the IMPD to take on this journey. What it means for his family and why he is doing it.

We talk with Kevin about what it was like teaching a young Jason Hammer math at Beech Grove High School. If Hammer has turned out better or worse than he thought.

We also find out if the Walmart where the Beech Grove Walmart fight happened is truly in Beech Grove, Indianapolis, or if it matters at all.

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