A-Hole Karaoke at Dick’s

By February 18, 2014Pop Culture
A-Hole Karaoke

What happens when you combine American Idol, Night at the Apollo, a couple of douche-bags from Hammer and Nigel, and Dick’s Last Resort? You get A-Hole Karaoke. Every Wednesday night, beginning in March, from 8pm-11pm, join Dead Radio Entertainment downtown at Dick’s Last Resort for A-Hole Karaoke!

Host and major A-Hole Jason Hammer, of the “Hammer and Nigel Show”, will provide “less than constructive” criticism for singers. Each week we’ll give an award to the best of the worst. Audience vote. Think of this as being the polished turd of the group. You may be smooth and without corn sticking out, but you’re still a turd… a turd with a Gift Card.

Just remember, don’t suck or sing a Nickelback song or you will get the “hook” and be pulled off stage and subject to ridicule!

It’s Karaoke like you’ve never experienced before.

Singers may be recorded and may be posted to social media. Singers will be made fun of!

No excuses, no apologies, no Nickelback!

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