Waiting to Be Offended with Carlos Mencia

By July 24, 2015Podcast, Show

We talk with Tom Sutton, owner of Coaches Tavern, about why the bar scene shrinks in the Summer time and balloons in the winter. We talk about why Nigel is a pussy about eating food outside.

We are then joined by Comedian Carlos Mencia who immediately hits the home run to get us off and running with an “offensive” joke. He then goes on to discuss what is and ins’t racism and how the world around us has changed dramatically with people getting pissy over the small things. Carlos discusses how you can bring light to serious situations and with jokes, but also making it real and authentic.

We end the show with a walk off that leaves even Black Marcus speechless.

Carlos Mencia is at Crackers Comedy Club in Broad Ripple all weekend long. Check out the show

Special thanks to fill in producer Johnny Lyles, of the Brother Brother Beer Cast, for taking the helm from Producer BS for the night.

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