Show 83 – The Spankfest with Fetish Models Lady Lauren and Gina King

By September 21, 2012Podcast, Show

Lady Lauren returns and this time she’s brought in a sexy fetish sidekick, Gina King. If you like 50 Shades of Grey you’ll be terrified of this show as we delve into topics that would make Christian Grey cry for his mom. As we journey into the world of the fetish model/artist we discuss stepping on a man’s junk in stilleto heals, talk about invisible rape, and delight at Drunk Matt taking an ass whoopin’ from Lady Lauren and more.

Show Notes

Beautiful Night to Be Here | Nigel’s Sick | Lady Lauren’s Last Visit with Hammer Being Spanked | Drunk Matt Creeps Out Nicole Pence | No Live Music | Fetish Models | Fetish Art | Invisible Rape | Spray Tanning Tommy Tremaine | Robot Facials | Lubing Up for the Latex Dress | Lady Lauren’s Wedding | Paparazzi | Drinking to Lady Lauren Naked | No Vag Shot | Is She Wearing Panties? | Back Piercing | Getting Pooped On | Licking Chrystal’s Ass Cake | I’m Ready for People to See My Vag | Drawing a Penis | Outsourcing Latex | Full Frontal Nudity | Modeling Nude During Aunt Flow’s Visit | Fetish Requests | Finished Penis Drawing | Lubing Up with Lady Lauren and Gina King | Turd Cutter | Pain for Pleasure | Talking Sex | Spanking Drunk Matt | Spanking the Beaver, the Brthday Boy | Ripping Off Our Show | Hammer Jizzes Himself…Good Night Everybody

Notable Quotes

“No vag shot no vag” – Lady Lauren on getting out of the limo
“I’m done being quiet, I’m ready for people to see my vag!” – Hammer
“Then why do we hate wearing rubbers so much, if latex is so good” – Hammer
“Look at that turd cutter” – Hammer


Lady Lauren – Fetish Model
Gina King – Fetish Model


Drunk Matt – Ass Spanked by Lady Lauren
Black Marcus
Beaver – Ass spanked by Lady Lauren and Gina King while licking his birthday cake


Lady Lauren Twitter: @theladylauren
Gina King Twitter: @ArtistGinaKing
Buy Gina King’s Art

Penis on a Napkin by Gina King

Penis on a Napkin by Gina King

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