Show #169: Cat Ping Republican Nominee

By August 5, 2014Podcast, Show

Cat Ping is a Veteran of the United States military. She has started her own businesses, been an Indiana lifer, and has worked in Washington with Top Secret clearance. We talk with her on a night where Jesse Ventura has successfuly won a lawsuit against a deceased Navy Seal, taking $1 million from his widow and when violence in Indianapolis is at an all time high. She discusses her bid for the 7th District Seat for Congress against Andre Carson.

On a side note…When you do an online broadcast or podcast for 3 years and have amassed 169 episodes, there is bound to be an error eventually. Unfortunately this episode has that error. Audio shutdown anytime the show was trained on Hammer’s shot. We used title screens throughout the lost audio to help remedy the error. Although the title screens aren’t exact quotes, we did try to match up the question that was originally asked. Thanks for your patience and understanding. There will be no audio only portion for this episode, only this video.

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