Setting the Record Straight with Buddy Baker – HN232

By January 22, 2016Podcast, Show

Sports Agent Buddy Baker joined the Hammer and Nigel show for an interesting conversation about handling players, building contracts, and dealing with the front office.

We start right into the tough questions, such as wondering why he let Colts’ player Joe Reitz do the Milk challenge, and if he is the one that has to keep his players in line.

We take a moment to pay tribute to the late great Andrew Smith, former Butler player, and what it was like to be his agent.

We then deep dive into Buddy vs the local media, how Indy is no longer a “soft” media market and instead turned this year into a witch hunt against a narrative they wanted to be true.

Finally we turn our attention towards his early days and leaving a great job to make something better as well as dealing with a bully of a GM trying to make Buddy soften his offer and threatening to blacklist him.

Go behind the scenes of what it’s like to be a sports agent.

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