Born in Minneapolis, raised in Indianapolis, Naomi (needs no last name) Pescovitz is home as the new weekend anchor at WTHR. She talks about growing up in Indy going to North Central, leaving for Northwestern and working in Tucson, Az.

We also talked about covering the shooting of Congress Woman Gabrielle Giffords. What it’s like to be first on the scene of a major news story. The uncomfortable “man on the street” interviews with families suffering from tragedies.

We lighten the mood up with some talk about pre-Miley twerking, growing up jewish during the Christmas season, and how she loves loves loves food… including Cool Ranch Doritos.

*For the record… Naomi doesn’t actually hate Christmas…

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Naomi Pescovitz

WTHR Weekend Anchor

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“…there was this really cute goose and like it was in Evansville…”

– Naomi Pescovitz

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