Local Famous with Mark Braska and Carl Doninger – HN249

By June 11, 2016Podcast, Show

Mark Braska, a native of Brown County, became “local famous” during Carb Day when he made WISHTV’s coverage of odd and strange people at the track. His notoriety continued to be bolstered by coverage on the front page of the Indy Star and then with the front page of the USA Today… all because of his jorts and winning attitude.

In this train wreck of an episode (think David Letterman and Joaquin Phoenix) Hammer talks to Mark and Nigel bails sending this into one of the most uncomfortable interviews yet in the history of Hammer and Nigel.

Carl Doninger, el Presidente of Indy Pop Con, saves the show as we gear up for the Hammer and Nigel Live show at Indy Pop Con. We talk all things cons and get Mark Braska’s unique perspective on co-splayers, geeks, and more.

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