Innovation is in the Genes with Josh Springer and Alan Springer – HN207

By June 5, 2015Podcast, Show

Josh Springer, inventor of Bottoms up Beer, and innovator with one of the greatest stories of all time on the Hammer and Nigel Show, makes a return visit to the Hammer and Nigel show and this time he’s bringing dad (Alan Springer). They discuss the intricacies of learning about your son looking at federal jail time, the failures and flights of fancy that plagued Josh before coming up with an idea that stuck and how genetics play a roll in the entrepreneurial spirit.

We also discuss how many times Josh and Bottoms Up Beer were from failure and that both Alan and Nigel’s own dad share similar circumstances… it’s part of being a business owner and growth as a business.

At the end we dive into the difference between masturbation and procrastination.

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Broadcast Table with Bottoms Up Beer Dispenser

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