Indiana Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel (plus a Smiley Sighting)

By October 14, 2011Podcast, Show
Indiana Head Coach Frank Vogel

Indiana Pacers’ head coach Frank Vogel joined the show last night talking everything from baseball, football, “Jersey Shore” (perspective from a real Jerseyan) and more. Also what it was like to move from Jersey to the mid-west. He also talked about what went down when former head coach Jim O’Brien was let go and how he took over the coaching reigns. Bit shout out to “Area 55” whose presence was strong at the broadcast. These guys are true fans and wherever a Pacer event is happening, you can count on seeing/hearing Area 55.

During the show we had a Smiley sighting and brought the WZPL morning show host on stage where he proceeded to fixate on Molly’s big assets.

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