I Stole Your Football Team with the Gun Guy Relford – HN212

By July 16, 2015Podcast, Show

We talk guns with Guy Relford. We talk about the shootings that happened today in Chattanooga. A man fired on a military recruitment center where the Marines on staff were not allowed to carry. 5 people, including the shooter dead.

We talk about a case Guy is currently working on where a someone was removed from the Evansville Zoo due to carrying a firearm. We talk about the protections you are offered, what you aren’t and why.

Guy also talks about why some people who are pro gun rights take things so far that they hurt the cause.

We also find out ways to make your house less appealing to criminals looking to break-ins.

We talk about what to do if there is an unlawful entry into your home. When deadly force is allowed and when it is not. We also discuss when you can lawfully point a gun at someone.

We also talk about Guy’s connection to the Colts and the greatest comeback to a Baltimore fan’s heckling.

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