Heartbreak and Creepy Gestures with Tracy Forner and Josh Springer – HN215

By August 7, 2015Podcast, Show

Tracy Forner joins the Hammer and Nigel show on a night where Josh Springer fills in for Nigel and Hammer seems to have gone all “Gran Turino” yelling at Josh and Marcus. We talk about Tracy’s time at FOX59 his removal, working in Grand Rapids with nothing to listen to and finally coming back home to help bring the new show Indy Style.

We find out that radio people have this one thing that is more satisfying than sex with a hot girl.

Then the show takes a turn toward the stylings of TMZ as we discuss the biggest heart break of his life (we’ll give you a hint, she’s a red head and is a friend of the show and introduced us to Josh via this episode). We then get into how the movies taught us to win back a girl’s affection should probably land is in jail for being a stalker in the real world (thanks John Cusack!). Also find out what Tracy once did to piss off his wife (then girlfriend) so bad that she got out of the car and disappeared leaving him to track her down and pull off a creepy romantic gesture himself.

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