Hammer & Nigel Live Bar-Cast with Gene Rodriguez

By February 4, 2011Podcast, Show
Hammer & Nigel Live BarCast (The Podcast)

To everyone’s surprise, including ours, Hammer & Nigel were asked back for week 2 of the Hammer & Nigel Live Bar-Cast, despite the reviews from our critic calling this the worst piece of shit ever heard (who knew Hammer’s mom could be so mean?). This week Gene Rodriguez was kind enough to sit down and join the show, of course we lied to her and told her it was a night time edition of the Smiley Morning Show, but since she made it all the way downtown she decided to stay. Ever wonder what an unfiltered ex-news reporter has to say… here’s your chance, you won’t be sorry.

Also be sure to check out Gene’s blog

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