Hammer & Nigel Live Bar-Cast Debut

By January 28, 2011Podcast, Show
Hammer & Nigel Live BarCast (The Podcast)

We came. We saw. We came again. With guests like Mel McMahon, Nikki of 104.5 WJJK, and Melanie our lovely photographer, why wouldn’t we? The very first episode of Hammer & Nigel did not disappoint says several bar patrons paid off in beer. The show included talk of a “Moon and Go” or “Drive by Mooning” at a church on Good Friday, how Hammer seduced his wife on their first encounter, Nigel’s new “Curves” workout program, and of course lots of drunken statements that we all seriously regret this morning.

Due to technical difficulties, BS went to the Garter afterwards instead of posting the show online, the podcast is just now seeing the light of day!

I now present to you the debut of Hammer & Nigel’s Live BarCast in not so crystal clear stunning SD…. Enjoy… or not.

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