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By July 31, 2015Podcast, Show

Gregg Doyel came into the Hammer and Nigel show like a hurricane, wiping the floor clean of Black Marcus, Producer BS, Hammer, Nigel, and he’s gunning for Chris “Lights Out” Lytle.

We learned pretty quickly why Gregg is a different columnist and why he was the online face of CBS Sports. The twist to his Jeff Gordon story by itself shows why he stands alone in a garage looking for the real story while others report on what you would expect.

He also discusses the Boston hate towards him as well as the Boston homers in the media.

During the show we get the full reason why he chose Indianapolis and the IndyStar, his master negotiating tactics and why his employer felt like it was a slap in the face.

Finally we find out why Gregg Doyel is crazy enough to meet up with ex UFC fighter Chris “Lights Out” Lytle for a charity fight of epic proportions. One in which Gregg believes Chris is in for a no win situation. On one hand… Chris loses to a columnist. On the other hand, Chris beats up a columnist.

There are still tickets left for this event, but they are going fast. Check it out here:

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