The Godfather of Indy Pop Con – HN209

By June 19, 2015Podcast, Show

Heading into the second year, we talk with the Godfather of Indy Pop Con El Presidente himself, Carl Doninger joins us to talk all things pop culture and conventions. We talk about what it takes to put on such a massive show. What they learned moving into the second year.

What to expect at Pop Con, some of what goes into balancing SciFi, Gaming, Comics, random internet asshatery, etc.

We also learned that Cosplay does not equal Consent! Which led to the creation of one of Pop Con’s most stolen features.

We also discuss Nigel’s Daredevil brewing faux pas that caused his wife’s coworkers to laugh.

Also stay for the after show. Nigel forgot an important piece of our show, so keep watching for extra content you won’t want to miss.

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