Getting Down to Business with Gerry Dick – HN188

By January 9, 2015Podcast, Show

We don’t know dick about Indiana business, but Gerry Dick does. Gerry Dick, host of INside Indiana Business and founder of Grow INdiana Media Ventures, stops by the Hammer and Nigel show to talk about how the state of Indiana fared in 2014. We also talk about how close the Pacers were to leaving Indianapolis and how that would’ve affected the economy. Guest host Josh Springer brings his insight to the discussion about when to talk to people about your ideas, how to pick a business partner and how to have a bitch’n HR department (slaps on the ass for all).

Also, we dive deep into Hammer’s morbid curiosity as he unveils his big business idea to the Hammer and Nigel shark tank and gets reaction from Gerry and Josh about the Funeral Channel…and we take on Hooters vs Twin Peaks vs Tilted Kilt, the battle of the breastaurants…(and we wonder why channel 8 won’t allow their people on our show).

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