Fired up with the Producers – HN206

By May 29, 2015Podcast, Show

We begin the show with the the producers, Tony D, Producer Kyle, and David fighting it out and fired up as we council both Producer Kyle and Tony D. We then venture out into renaming of the old school nicknames. Can Green Bay become “America’s Team” even with Dallas having that nickname. It feels as if we in the media continue to get lazy about nicknames and proclaiming the best ever.

We talk about NASCAR vs IndyCar and why there isn’t enough people coming to the races. Why there isn’t more people excited by IndyCar and why NASCAR and Indy have seen declines.

We discuss the boring NBA playoffs and why Mark Jackson is a fraud before talking about bringing your kid on stage and interrupting the press conference. Hammer takes on parenting and (link bait) what he says about keeping Curry’s daughter inline will either make you applaud or run for Child protective services.

Kyle, Tony, and David begin acting like we’re an episode of Maury once again before righting the ship on the course with the Colts and their chances during this season.

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