Comedian Scott Long and Time and Temp with Bernie Eagan – HN218

By September 4, 2015Podcast, Show

We begin with the concert reviews. We missed last week for the Foo Fighters concert. BS talks Foo Fighters, why Jeff Page was “that guy” and more. Then we switch to the Van Halen concert where Scott Long refutes David Lindquist’s review saying the Van Halen concert rocked, despite the issues with David Lee Roth.

We talk about being a comedian, working with non-comedians and helping people learn how to deliver the jokes so you don’t toil around for 3 years making the same mistakes like most of the open mic nighters.

Scott talks about the biggest laugh he’d ever heard at Cracker’s Comedy Club and it was Mark Boyle, voice of the Indiana Pacers.

We talk about brevity and why the long shows don’t work as well.

Scott delves into working with Frank Caliendo and writing for his NFL skits on Sunday and having things you wrote make it to Super Bowl broadcasts.

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