Church of Cannabis and Confederate Flags with Abdul – HN210

By June 26, 2015Podcast, Show

Confederate flags, the President dropping the N-bomb on a podcast and smoking weed for Jesus. Abdul Hakim Shabazz comes on and talks controversy abound. We begin with the NBA draft night talking Pacers’ needs. We then dive into the Confederate flag and Abdul’s take on what it means to fly the flag who should and where it shouldn’t be flown.

We then talk about Abdul becoming the Patron Saint of the Church of Cannabis. Abdul came up with the article “RFRA and Refer” Which caught the attention of local lunatic Bill Levin who brought the Church into reality.

We talk a bit of the President dropping the N-Bomb on a podcast, how black moms are the greatest and more.

We also take on why Abdul can make jokes that would get us a visit to the Human Resources department.

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