Chick McGee’s Bedroom and the Month of May with Conor Daly – HN204

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We begin the show talking about the month of May with Chick McGee and the Just a Mario video where Chick has a whole 1 quick line and is rocking the pornstache back in his early Bob and Tom days.

Chick McGee Pornstache

We delve into his podcast Off the Air and the awkward Jeff Garlin interview as well as some of our favorite guests. We talk redskins and the creepy subway sculptures of some of the Skins’ players and what Chick thinks of a name change. We also awkwardly peek into Chick’s bedroom thanks to Nigel.

Conor Daly then joins us as we talk about the scary incidents at the track recently with cars flying through the air, his thoughts on his own experience flying an IndyCar as well as what goes into the Month of May as he prepares for the greatest spectacle in racing. He also talks about being a part of a racing family and his dad, legendary Irish racer Derek Daly’s influence.

and don’t miss the after-party conversation with Chick and Nigel on Periscope

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