Carlos Mencia Tears Down the Establishment

By July 22, 2016Podcast, Show

Carlos Mencia joins us on a rare night when Hammer is absent and Nigel shows up (hell has frozen over, we know). Carlos talks about getting started, his show “Mind of Mencia” and how he received the best and worst news while doing that show. We discuss why he became one of the most hated comedians on the internet and then Mencia tears down the establishment while paving the way for newer comedians who have to go through the same ordeal as him. Before he leaves he fires one last shot down the throat of a comedian who decided to throw stones while living in a glass house.

We then turn our attention to guest host Matt Pelsor, formerly of X/ALT103 and now joining the ranks of Public Radio. He talks about the shift from doing his own thing in voiceover work to working for the public radio system and how it’s been his dream to get into his sector.

At the end of the night we talk a bit with Asher from Big Guy Signs and Wraps and how he does big and small jobs wrapping vehicles, creating signs for businesses and even banners for events. If there’s something you need, he will take care of you.

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