This Young Baseball Fan Already Has A Way With The Ladies

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When people go to baseball games, they are there to have a great time, drink a few beers, eat overpriced stadium food, and generally soak in the ambience of “Americas Pastime”.  More than anything else, every kid dreams of being at a game and being one of the lucky few to catch a foul ball or home run in the hopes of getting it signed later by one of their favorite players.  The kid in the following pictures is no exception, however it seems he also has an eye for the ladies and has learned that sometimes it takes a cool gesture to impress:


During the Blue Jays/Rangers game the other night, the Toronto Blue Jay third base coach Luis Rivera grabs a foul ball that has bounced his way, then casually tosses it into the stands as a souvenir.  The kid catches it and promptly gives the ball to a cute young lady sitting directly behind him.  Obviously this boy knows that kindness goes very far with girls and is willing to give that game ball to a total stranger simply because he thinks she’s pretty.

Or does he?  Let’s look at that again:

article-2632121-1DFBE03D00000578-897_634x377YOU SNEAKY LITTLE SHIT.

Instead of giving the game ball that was tossed to him to the girl, he gave her HIS own personal baseball that he brought to the game, one that his dad probably got at some sporting goods store ages ago and the family dog chews on all the damn time when no one is around! So now he gets the best of both worlds:  He got to keep the awesome game used baseball for himself and he scored brownie points with a bunch of hot girls at a baseball game by giving them his ratty old decoy ball.  I’m certain he was the envy of his two buddies sitting next to him and the ladies were loving him for the rest of the game.

Or at least until the girls got home and saw that the video of them being hoodwinked was all over the news and had gone viral on YouTube the next day.



So take this as a warning.  Parents, locking up your daughters until they’re eighteen doesn’t work anymore because they are growing playas younger and younger these days.  If he doesn’t have at least three girlfriends at the same time by his sophomore year in college, he will have led a failed existence up until then.  With trickery like this, that kid is going to grow up to be a sociopathic grifter out on parole or the next President of the United States…


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