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These days pranking people in public while a camera records you is pretty standard fare now, especially since the advent of camera phones and websites such as Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and so on as a means to share the embarrassment and/or hi-jinx with the world.  This is particularly evident in college.  Pranks go with college like pens, books, and partying, whether it’s a matter of going streaking through someone’s class, filling a fountain with dye and dishwasher detergent, or drawing on your passed out roommate after you duct tape them to a recliner and suspended it off the third story dorm balcony.



Well in the following video, this guy decided to try to help some of his fellow students blow off steam during finals by challenging random strangers on campus to pillow fights.  Sounds like a great fun idea, right?  Well unfortunately, while he did bring quite a few smiles to people’s faces, that old saying is still true:  “No good deed goes unpunished.”



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