Indiana Football Takes SEC Scheduling Tweet In Stride

By April 28, 2014General

It’s been announced recently that the SEC (You know, the powerhouse conference that up until this past January had a monopoly on having a team being named college football’s national champion for almost a decade) has declared that their member schools have to start scheduling at least one team from the ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 or Pac-12 starting in 2016.  This is a move being done to gain more exposure for the conference as well as shut up talk about certain schools having “soft” non conference schedules.  The thing is that many schools, SEC or otherwise aren’t looking forward to being forced to play an Ohio State, Michigan, or Oregon squad on their best day.  In light of that, Yahoo Sports Pat Forde took to Twitter with a joke aimed at that whole situation:

Well, someone at IU was paying attention and while it’s all in good spirit, they were letting it be known that they were going to throw the gauntlet down and see what’s up:

And Forde, being the sports journalist that he is, instantly jumps on the potential for a future lead:

While it’s all fun and games right now, not everyone wants a piece of an SEC school either. And considering that the Hooisers are 22-50 since their last winning season back in 2007, they may need to pay attention to the old adage, “Be careful what you wish for, you just might get it.”


I’m a Mississippi State guy and even I’m tired of seeing this…

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