Apparently Evan Turner Isn’t a Member of AAA

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Now that the San Antonio Spurs have been crowned the new NBA Champions, LeBron James declaring free agency and looking to jump ship from the Miami Heat this summer, and Joel Embiid requiring back and foot surgery that scrapped the Cleveland Cavaliers plans to snag him as the number one pick in the NBA Draft, it seems like there isn’t much in the world of professional basketball for a fan from the Hooiser State to pay attention to.

Well the basketball gods must have heard someone’s prayer because it was answered.  However whether it was a Pacers fan desperate to hear ANYTHING about his squad in the news or someone who felt the need to rub salt in the wound of getting bounced out the Eastern Conference Finals (Greg Cote?) remains to be seen.  Because much like the Pacers during the NBA Playoffs, Evan Turner ran out of gas.


“I feel like I’m forgetting to do something very important…”

Not like that stupid!  Like this:

Yes, it seems that the Pacers forward didn’t pay attention to the recommended gas mileage of a FERRARI and tried to road trip it back home to Ohio with his girl.  This resulted in him being stranded on the highway and having to call his old teammate from Ohio State, P. J. Hill to bail him out by bringing him a gallon or two.  And being the concerned friend that he is, Hill obliged.  Then promptly put up the pics and video of his boy on Instagram.

Well, at least it isn’t that bad.  Everyone has had a flat or run out of gas at least once in their lives.  However, have you ever freaking yelled at geese while driving?


Uh, maybe the only driving Turner should be doing from now on is towards the basket…


“Dude, you yellin’ at geese?” “SHUT UP.”


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