When Social Media Attacks: TV Show Editor Live Tweets Drunk’s Antics During Worst Flight Ever

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Ah, the internet.  When used for good, it has been used as a tool to bring people together, entertain, inform, and make the world a better place.  It has bridged the gap of communication that had held previous generations back, making it easier to find out more about the world around them.  Also, porn.


Just like this, minus the two boobs covering up the good bits…

However, the internet has been utilized for bad purposes as well.  Before the internet, the average minority in America simply had to live in a shitty part of the country (I’m looking at you, Alabama) in order to be personally exposed to racism or sexism on a regular basis.  But now?  Now all you have to do to get your recommended daily requirement of ignorance and hate is to simply go onto Facebook, Twitter, or an internet forum for a particular point of view and simply state something that opposes that view.  Boom!  Instant clusterfuck.  You will be called every derogatory term possible simply because you stated an opinion.  And don’t even get me started on the electronic asylums known as XBox Live and YouTube’s comments section.  That’s where they keep all of the Hitlers.


ALL of the Hitlers.

But every once in a while, what could turn into the next online shitstorm (such the ongoing super sexist #Gamergate situation on Twitter or any thinly veiled racist Facebook meme your friends post about President Obama) can actually turn into what the internet looks like when you bitch about someone or something the right way.  Case in point?  Ryan Case, the Emmy award winning full time editor/part time director of the hit ABC show “Modern Family”, was recently on a flight from New York to Los Angeles when what could only be described as the most awful woman possible sat down in the seat in front of her and proceeded to be a shitty, awful, awful, terrible, no good human being for the next three plus hours.  What separates Ryan Case from someone such as, say, Justine Sacco, is that Ryan Case is PAID to be able to identify funny things for a living and chop out the rough edges in order to get the most laughs.


In case you’re wondering, Justine Sacco was the PR executive who tweeted “Going to Africa. Hope I don’t get AIDS. Just kidding. I’m white!” last year right before a flight. And before you ask, yes, her company fired her ass before the plane even touched the ground.

Since Case was going to be trapped on the equivilent of a flying Greyhound bus for all that time, she could gripe to her fellow passengers for only so long before they all took up arms against their fellow passenger and tried to flush the other woman down the drain of the airline lavatory.  However, unsanctioned midair murder has been frowned down upon for quite some time in our country so she had to find another way to vent her frustrations of having to witness the annoying behavior of the perfectly good waste of sperm and egg in the seat in front of her.  And what better forum for someone in those shoes with an axe to grind than our 140 character limit pal, Twitter?

Slightly abridged for time, I present to you the best passive aggressive Tweet thread you’ll ever read.  So fasten your seatbelts and leave your tray tables in their full and upright positions because it gets a little turbulent from here on out…

Sorry, got a little carried away with the thread there, but there was just SOOO much good stuff!  All the bile, all the smarmy, shitty things you could say to a total stranger that is being a complete and utter assface to show you won’t care about them at all later but don’t because of manners, Ryan Case said.  While it may be over the format of social media, Ms. Case stood up for the little guy and made a situation that only a few dozen people could have witnessed up close turn into something viral that has been shared and read all over the world.  Ms. Case showed that this “Nadia” is a complete jackass while she’s simultaneous shitfaced and 30,000 feet in the air.  Now anyone who sees her getting on their flight will either ask for another seat or promptly tell her “I ain’t putting up with your shit.  Sit down, shut up, and eat some peanuts, Stupid.”  And how was Ryan’s efforts rewarded?  Did sky marshalls take the shrieking harpy down with a dart gun and drag her into the dimly lit room deep in the bowels of the airport where they keep the all the rubber gloves and the TSA agent who likes their job a little too much?



No.  Another passenger on the flight who saw that this situation was actually trending on Twitter took a picture of the brutal aftermath:

Ignore the fact that she isn’t being arrested.  TOTALLY pay attention to the fact that this woman can walk, yet she expended so much drunken energy being a jerk to everyone on the plane that she was tuckered out and had to have a sitdown in a wheelchair while she waited on her ride.


“Damn, at least I was able to WALK away from the shitstorm I caused…”

Nevertheless, sometimes you just have to laugh at the craziness you have witnessed, so as a final parting jab towards the most nightmarish passenger ever, Ryan is thoughtful enough to give a shout out to those who made her in flight entertainment possible:

Bravo, Ryan.  Bravo…









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