The Hammer and Nigel Show

Talking all things Indianapolis and Central Indiana with local sports stars, radio and TV personalities, politicians, business owners and more.

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What is the Hammer and Nigel Show

The Hammer and Nigel Show is an interview show where we take you into the thoughts and lives of Indianapolis’ local celebrities. We interview sports figures, radio and TV personalities, politicians, local businesses owners and more. It is an uncensored weekly internet broadcast streamed live in front of a live audience and posted to popular podcasting sites for download the next day.

When is the Hammer and Nigel Show

Every Thursday at 7:00pm broadcast live from Coaches Tavern and streamed to You can also listen to the episodes at your convenience beginning the day after the show is released via, iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and more.

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Who is the Hammer and Nigel Show

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Why was the Hammer and Nigel Show Created

After watching corporate radio take over and downsize the staff, outsourcing the local personalities and continued movement to take away anything localized in favor of more music and less talk, the Hammer and Nigel Show was born to bring personality back to radio.

Created in December 2010 with the first show airing January 27, 2011 the Hammer and Nigel show set to showcase Indy’s talents bringing on local celebrities: radio & TV personalities, sports stars, politicians, journalists, business owners, bands and more. We talk about the world of media, pop culture, the changing city of Indianapolis and more.

The show is a great reference for those looking to get into the media world or are interested in hearing how the inner workings of your favorite news broadcasts, print, businesses and more are put together as we take you behind the scenes of these industries.